How I Tamed My Frizz

Again with the hair issues! What’s a girl gotta do to get a good hair day around here, amiriiight?!?

Yes, I also face the battle against frizz. And I’m not talking about the two or three floating hairs that people complain about. I’m talking Hagrid-hair, no exaggeration. So Hagrid-hair is cool and all, so I tried owning it for a while, but really just preferred it to be smoother. My mother kept telling me to “comb my hair” which I would respond “that’s not how it works” with a litany of reasons. Anyway, let’s get into it:

This is my hair type: Thin and lightweight, looks brittle, frequent washing from exercise, flatter on top and poofs at bottom in a triangular formation somewhat, also baby hairs that poof at hairline, slightly wavy curls/waves and loose curls. Did I say thin???

I found a routine that gets my hair looking smooth, with a little more volume, and pretty much straight with some body. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!!! THIS HAS BEEN A FORMULA 8 YEARS IN THE MAKING Y’ALL.

Here it is, you’re welcome:

  1. Once a week, apply VO5 Hot Oil Therapy. It’s pretty cheap, and I can see the difference. Apply on wet hair.
  2. Wash my hair with Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Shampoo So Smooth Gardenia and Conditioner.
  3. Use my little microfiber hair turban thing. It soaks up the moisture in your hair and prevents the humidity that causes frizz. It also preps for drying your hair.
  4. Apply the “Light” Moroccan Oil–1.5-2 pumps.
  5. Use Tresemme Heat Protectant spray. Any heat-protectant is probably fine, this is just the one that I kept seeing recommended everywhere that was a drugstore item.
  6. Dry hair with a good blowdryer until bone dry. I never really get there, but I basically do, nearly. As much as I can without roasting the tiny baby hairs off my head and making me even more bald.
  7. Lightly coat hair with some sort of serum or hair spray to hold in place.

That’s basically it! This doesn’t make hair perfect like I just stepped out of a salon or something, but the difference is so significant and it barely calls for a little more effort! So good luck and smooth sailing!


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  1. torrey veloz · · Reply

    Thank you for your tips stranger, I wish you good luck on your hair journey!

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