Monthly Archives: May 2017

How Do We Reconcile Change with Remaining Authentic

I suppose it’s the modern day, Self-Help paradox: to change or to remainĀ authentic? There seem to be certain platitudes bandied about amongst self-help aficionados. “Be yourself!” “Growth is change, and change is life!” “Be AUTHENTIC!” Details aside, how do we reconcile this seemingly antagonistic pair? The very phrase, “Be yourself!” implies that there is one […]

How I Tamed My Frizz

Again with the hair issues! What’s a girl gotta do to get a good hair day around here, amiriiight?!? Yes, I also face the battle against frizz. And I’m not talking about the two or three floating hairs that people complain about. I’m talking Hagrid-hair, no exaggeration. So Hagrid-hair is cool and all, so I […]