Combatting Hair Loss for Women

I’ve had a running joke with my friends about Maude. Occasionally she will pop up in photos and I’ll tag her. Some days she is extra visible. Yes. Maude is my bald spot.

Okay, it’s not a bald spot per se, but the hair by that part of my hairline is definitely thinner and sparser than the rest of my head. This leads to photos where my face and head ends up looking oddly shaped. It’s just not cute.

I’ve been searching for SO MANY methods to solve this. Then, I watched this YouTube of AlexandrasGirlyTalk on her postpartum hair loss. The comments were flooded with advice. I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was struggling with this!

There are SO MANY different methods for hair growth that I want to try out, but here are a few tips I’ve tried or am about to try that you can give a try! Say that three times fast haha.

  1. Don’t put so much strain on your hair.

This means don’t put it up in tight up-dos like buns and ponytails. I have, oddly, worn my hair up everyday for basically more than the last 12 years of my life. My hair is also thin. When so much strain is put on the strands, it causes breakage and receding.

What you can do to combat this is to wear your hair down. Another option, if you must wear your hair up, is to wear it lower, or in looser hairstyles. You can do this by transferring the strain to other thicker parts of your hair, and utilizing bobby pins and clips.

2. Biotin and Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplements. 

Making sure you get the proper nutrition you need is extremely important because your hair is an indicator as to how healthy you are sometimes. If you eat healthier, your hair will be healthier and more will grow. If you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, then your hair and nails may grow less, or be thinner.

However, we’ll just go over the shortcut of taking these supplements.

Biotin (aka Vitamin B7 or H) supplements are readily available. You might have seen the SugarBearHair or Nature’s Bounty vitamins recently. Most dosages targeted to hair growth will have 5,000 mcg, but some like the Nature’s Bounty “Biotin” supplements are 10,000 mcg. The adequate intake is 30 mcg/day for an adult, by the way (!!!).

It has to be said that there is no real evidence that this would help most people, because most people do not have Biotin deficiencies. Our body needs very little Biotin, and enough is usually found in our diets. Doctors may prescribe this to people with conditions like Alopecia (for example)–but this is rare.

There are no known negative side-effects for taking too much Biotin, as there is no “too-much” that has been specified. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, check with a doctor.

I use Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement and I do feel like my hair has been growing faster, as I looked at my leg hair growth, which was more measurable. Also, I don’t like to eat gummies (I like the pill form instead) because there really is no reason to ingest all that extra sugar and food coloring. However, I think that you can also just eat more foods naturally containing biotin.

Also, this is water-soluble, and I suggest you drink more water with it. People have claimed that they started to break out after taking biotin, so it’s recommending to drink more water, or discontinue use if the breakouts are too intense.

3. JASON Thin-to-Thick Hair Elixer

The jury is still out on this one, but this is a serum you apply to the balding spot and it gets good reviews. It smells good, but the instructions are to leave it on at night and rinse it out in the morning, which is not always convenient.

There are lots of DIY home methods for applying things to the scalp, so I would suggest digging around the internet and YouTube for people’s methods they believe in.


What To Do While Waiting For Hair to Become Luscious 

  1. Get a ‘Hair Powder’

In the YouTube video, Alexandra mentioned dabbing in a powder that matched her hair color into the parts of her scalp that were showing. The effect was great, but you can level up!

I read about how celebrity hairstylists and makeup artists fill in the hairlines of celebrities for the red carpet (they also don’t have perfect hairlines, people!). There are powders specifically for hairlines. One of the brands recommended is Toppik. They come in many shades. Another product that is great is by Kristofer Buckle. He had a makeup line that sold out, but the idea was a brow enhancer, that was a pomade then a powder to set.

2. Find a hairstyle that works.

This is a really underestimated tool. I was not expecting it to make a huge difference, but I got a blowout one time, then I got my hair cut and styled, and WOW. You could barely see my bald spot, Maude, or at the very least were not focused on it at all.

I just didn’t pay much attention to how I was pushing Maude front and center when I wore my hair in a bun, or I parted it a certain way.

I bought a heat-protectant spray and started to blow dry the hairs framing my face down (instead of randomly and ending up looking like Hagrid), and Maude was much easier to cover up, or at least appear more demure.


So there you go! At the end of the day, hair loss or thinning is natural and nothing to be ashamed about. These are all easy ways to feel better and more confident, but you are beautiful with or without a Maude!


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