The Birkenstock Trend and When I Found Out I Was Too Hipster

A while back, I went through a crazy faze. I idolized crazy people like Captain Jack Sparrow and anyone with a nervous twitch. I still do so, but to a lesser degree. I also wore nothing but soccer shorts and frequented striped knee socks with flip-flops. Oh wait I still do that. On one hand, I am fine with it because I had then recently subscribed to the philosophy of acting naturally, or in the Tao. I still believe this and that remains the dominant reason why I am not ashamed of being so hipster and revelling in my different and crazy nature (although I do cringe at the fact that I was like the people who pull these stunts for attention. What can I say, I am who I am and sometimes I am too hipster for my own taste!). During that time period, circa winter 2013, I crafted a goal to buy the perfect pair of Birkenstocks. Did I know what I wanted to major in? No. Did I know what career I wanted to pursue? No. My one and only goal was to attain these Birkenstocks. It would be perfect for my socks-and-sandal phase (that I will probably never grow out of. Although with hipster tendencies, I have an innate instinct to dress as an old asian man i.e. lots of windbreakers and socks with shower slides).

Months later, I finally attain this pair of Birkenstocks. The store owner tells me encouragingly that it has become very popular with high school girls, especially the black ones. Although high-school students now dress as though they are the main attendees at Fashion Week and people street photographers stop to marvel at, it fact remains that it is not my prerogative to look like a high school student. After this, I look at blogs and Pinterest and all of those other sites. I see Birkenstocks. A lot of them. I see in stores brands that copy the Birkenstock look. I can’t help but feel like the Hipster that was on this train before it even got to the station, but I didn’t even own a pair! I also can’t help but wish I had gotten the white ones everyone has instead of the brown ones. Too hipster and too trendy all at the same time. I have a very conflicting personality.

The fact remains that they make your feet look like loafs of bread on a graham crust. Well, at least I thought that as a child. Now, I see how this has come to pass. Everyone wants that Italian-bee-keeper-just-came-into-town-to-sell-the-fresh-produce look. I get it. It goes right along with the Boyfriend jeans and T-shirt style. But when something else becomes trendy, I will be the last one with the old man/farmer look. Guaranteed.

Good Morning Starshine, the Earth Says “Hello!”

This is a quote from Johnny Depp Willy Wonka.  Although this may be regarded as utter blasphemy to some of the theatre or movie people out there, I actually prefer the newer version. Johnny Depp! Explosions! Eating bugs! But even better than that is a crazy character that is actually wiser than everyone else. This quote became one of my signature quotes to say circa 2005.

Each day can get quite monotonous if we let it. I admit, I have often felt like an octogenarian in the past– skip the golden years and straight to the sun set. Sometimes, life throws you some shit-cakes and if enough smacks you or if a big enough one does, it can be hard to get out of the funk you are in. Everything seems to be a bit duller and life doesn’t hold any promise or excitement. You look at the years ahead of you as a chore to drag your feet through instead of a challenge to enjoy, or at least something to hold your interest.

Each day, you have to greet the world with the same excitement and enthusiasm that you did as a child. Logically, the world is a large place with much to offer. So why is it so hard to realize that and live it? Sometimes you have to give yourself a good kick in your pants, and this is the time to do it. There is an infinite amount of potential in life and it is our part to wake up and feel uncomfortable and realize this! Wake up and say, “Hello World! Give me what you’ve got and I’ll give you what I got!”