Monthly Archives: May 2014

Philosophy of Philosophy

Considering that my last two posts have been on philosophy, it may come as a surprise that I am not actually a fan of philosophy. Granted, I do not find it useless or boring in all cases–but I have never really quite latched onto it and its fundamentals. In my own life, I have found […]

Descarting Away Certainty: Why We Don’t Know Anything

At some point or another–whether it was while taking a shower or engaging in a dull conversation– you have probably thought of the possibility that none of this is real. ‘This’, of course, is the reality that we are in and consciously experiencing. This idea is quite common, especially when you think of creative pursuits […]

Circling Around the Circle: Plato’s World of Forms

You probably think that you have seen a circle. In fact, there is something on this screen right now that you think proves that you have seen a circle (ahem ahem– the WordPress logo). But alas, the circle and you were never meant to be–at least, not in this realm of existence. You see, you […]