At the risk of making a sweeping statement, I have to say: indecision is not indecision, indecision is a lack of confidence. Some people are more indecisive than others. Of course, by “some people,” I mean me. It’s not as simple as just not knowing what to do or which thing to pick. For those […]

I suppose it’s the modern day, Self-Help paradox: to change or to remain authentic? There seem to be certain platitudes bandied about amongst self-help aficionados. “Be yourself!” “Growth is change, and change is life!” “Be AUTHENTIC!” Details aside, how do we reconcile this seemingly antagonistic pair? The very phrase, “Be yourself!” implies that there is one […]

Again with the hair issues! What’s a girl gotta do to get a good hair day around here, amiriiight?!? Yes, I also face the battle against frizz. And I’m not talking about the two or three floating hairs that people complain about. I’m talking Hagrid-hair, no exaggeration. So Hagrid-hair is cool and all, so I […]

“No Regerts,” reads a famous tattoo that is a favorite of mine. I never get board of irony (or puns, for that matter). It’s natural when looking over the past to feel regret, or thinking that you might have done something differently. This feeling in itself is not productive at all! However,  I believe that […]

I’ve had a running joke with my friends about Maude. Occasionally she will pop up in photos and I’ll tag her. Some days she is extra visible. Yes. Maude is my bald spot. Okay, it’s not a bald spot per se, but the hair by that part of my hairline is definitely thinner and sparser […]

Overcoming social anxiety was not an easy road for me. It took years for me to be able to go out into public or be in close proximity with people and not have my hands sweat or heart race. Anyone who has had some experience with this knows how challenging it can be. It was […]

From all of my posts, we know that I’m a pretty indecisive person. The questions move from: What is the best choice? to How can I make the best choice? and then to What do I mean by the best choice? The best choice, after some thought, I think is the choice that I would be the […]